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How to find and relieve the underlying causes of disease by accessing the information contained within the human aura

Conventional Western medicine tends to treat illness as something that just happens to people, something that is caused by external factors and that has to be treated by external intervention. Whilst it is true that there are external factors which contribute to illness, the evidence I have accumulated during thirty years of work gathering information from the human aura suggests that the most important primary cause of illness is that the affected individual is no longer operating from a state of alignment with their own true nature (soul/spirit/inner being).

In my experience all pain, unhappiness and physical illness has its underlying cause in some kind of shift from alignment with inner truth. Anyone who is perfectly aligned with his or her own soul's truth will be content, relaxed, happy and fulfilled and their body will then be able to maintain itself in a state of optimum health. It also follows that if someone who is physically ill manages to realign themselves with their own inner being, their body will then be free to recover from whatever illness has been created by the state of separation from truth.

Although alignment is our natural state, there are many reasons why we choose or feel compelled to take ourselves out of that state. Generally speaking, the situations that initially shift us out of alignment with our own truth involve the presence of others who are already out of alignment with theirs. These situations include the need for self-defence against radiated aggression or  jealousy, the experience of pain and fear coming from those who are not aligned (especially if we love them), a desire to belong, when belonging seems to mean fitting in with those who are not aligned and the desire to maintain intimate connections when those we most want to connect with are not consistently aligned. There are many people who give more energy and attention to adjusting to those around them than to looking inwards to find what feels completely right for themselves. These people become the pressure that tends to shift others out of alignment and then those who have shifted in turn become the pressure on others!  This is one of the ways negative patterns come to be handed down from one generation to another By contrast, those who hold steady to a personal commitment to allow their actions to flow directly from their own sense of inner rightness will provide inspiration to help neutralise the combined effect of those who are misaligned.

One of the most powerful dislocating influences on our behavior is any situation of what I call aura shock. This happens when we are completely knocked out of alignment by a totally unexpected reaction from our environment. This includes situations during childhood in which we expressed our truth openly and naturally in the happy expectation of love and appreciation but received instead a strongly negative response, such as fear or jealous hatred. These situations are remembered by the aura and defenses are automatically constructed to protect against a recurrence of a similar shock. Defenses against aura shock invariably involve a complete withdrawal of the aspect of truth which was in full flow at the moment of shock as well as the production of some form of behavior pattern which is designed to protect against a recurrence of any similar shock.

In addition to these reactive reasons for withdrawing our truth, we are also subject to the effects of the potential contamination of truth which occurs whilst we are in the womb. During gestation we passively absorb our mother's beliefs about herself and her beliefs about life and may often retain these or even become dominated by them. Most deep feelings of personal worthlessness and beliefs such as 'what I am is not wanted/ what I am has no place' have originally been absorbed from the mother.

In order to protect ourselves from incoming negativity, to find ways to over-ride absorbed beliefs of personal worthlessness, to acquire some sense of belonging and to establish close connections with others, we develop an array of defensive behavior patterns which we bring out to suit specific occasions. I call these 'performance personae'. Each persona has its own specific trigger within the environment and as soon as this trigger appears, the persona is reflexly produced out of the wardrobe of existing defensive patterns. You may have noticed yourself sometimes behaving in a way you know you don't really want to be behaving but feeling unable to stop yourself. This behavior pattern will be a performance persona and it will have been automatically generated by your aura as a result of some kind of perceived threat to your survival and/or your truth.

Each time you react by producing one of these personae, the withdrawn and unexpressed aspect of your truth generates an inner sadness. If this happens often enough, the accumulated sadness can eventually lead to despair. This in turn diminishes the power of the immune system to resist illness. Also the performance personae themselves act as barriers, preventing truly warm and intimate truth/truth connections with others, so they bring no genuine fulfillment - only the satisfaction of having produced a convincing performance/satisfactory defence. Frequent use of such personae can therefore bring about feelings of inner aloneness which can also contribute to the despair.

Sorting this all out can be complicated but, fortunately, the human aura contains all the necessary information we need to understand and resolve these issues and restore truth to full flow.

Aura diagnosis is a way to find out the nature of the misalignment, its causes and its solutions. The solution is always in the person's core truth. There is always a solution.

This is a brief description of the way aura diagnosis works for me:

The person I am working with tells me what they want help with.
I keep myself centered and hold the pure intent of allowing the person's own aura to present me with the information that will be most useful to them in the area in which they have asked for help. I then either focus on either the part of the body which is unwell or the part which seems to be the main area of negativity or confusion.

I have two main methods of working. In the first I simply place my hand over that part of the body and then simply relax and wait. What then happens is that selected scenes/memories/ states of being from their life are passed from their aura into my awareness.I experience these scenes as if I were within the other person's memory bank, reliving their memories, feeling through their feelings and seeing through their eyes. I don't see material forms. I just perceive the energy '.. thus I might perceive the energy of an angry adult male but I would have no idea what that person physically looked like. It is as if all the detailed material form has been taken away and all that is left is an awareness of the underlying feelings and the flow of energy. 

The scenes come up to the surface one at a time. I outline the first scene to the person I am working with to make sure that this is the area they wish to work with. Once I have described the first scene, I lift my hand slightly from the person's body to indicate to their aura that I am ready for the next scene, which then duly arrives. These scenes appear in order starting from the most recent and then going back in time. There may be only two or three or there may be many layers. I explain what I am perceiving in each scene and add any comments I think might be useful to explain the reasons for what is going on in these scenes. I keep going until I get to something that feels really good, a place I can enjoy. This will be the core truth of that part of their body. (Each part of the body represents a certain aspect of our own nature e.g. the (familiar!) heart representing love, solar plexus representing personal rightness and self-respect, lungs representing joy in life, breasts representing nurturing etc.). This area of core truth contains the energetic solution to the person's current difficulty.  The difficulty has only arisen because that aspect of their truth was blocked. My experiences have repeatedly shown me that any difficulty can be resolved when the individual allows that blocked  aspect of their inner truth to flow freely into their life - in particular to flow freely in the presence of energies resembling the original cause of the block.  
This part of the procedure is simply a gathering of information from the aura, just as the physician gathers signs, symptoms and test results from the physical body. The next step is to diagnose the cause of the problem. For this I use the facts presented by the aura and the knowledge I have gained from experience to help me interpret and make sense of them.
I now know how to tell whether a particular negative pattern was imposed, absorbed or chosen, whether it is a result of an aura shock, whether it is being enhanced by the presence of a miasm, whether it is a self-constructed or inherited defence and so on. I can find out when the pattern began and the ways in which it has been subsequently modified. I can also find out what the nature of the trigger is. I generally do this  by turning my hand over so that the palm is facing outwards.

In situations where a more detailed analysis is required I get the person to write down their request on a piece of paper and then place this a few feet away from them. I then walk through the scenes that have lled up to the curent state of block, taking one scene at a time. The information arrives in the same way.
In this method each scene contains three elements. It contains the defence pattern the person is currently using that is now causing them harm, it contains information about the trigger, that is the external agent that is currently activating the defence pattern, and it also contains clear information about that individual's own soul solution i.e the aspect of their own soul's truth that has been blocked and now needs to come forward into free flowing expression in order to resolve their problem.
I do not really understand the way this works. I just know that it does! The other person's aura releases the information. It only releases information that is directly relevant to the question that was asked.It also only releases information that the person is willing and able to handle at that time. If I work with someone over a period of time we find that deeper and deeper issues feel safe to come up for resolution.

I think the key to the aura releasing the information is the combined pure intents of both the client            and myself to help to free the truth into clearer flow. The aura is very protective and seems to know exactly what can and cannot be safely brought forward in a particular session. It will not release information that cannot be properly handled by either myself or the person I am working with. I know this because I have worked with some individuals over several years and I have noticed how the moment I have sorted out a particular issue in myself, related areas of difficulty are brought forward in the people I am working with, even though they were never brought up when I was working with these same individuals before. So another condition for doing this work effectively is to not be afraid to face and sort through your own deepest issues. The deeper you go into your own stuff and the more willing you are to face your own fears, the easier it will be for you to help others acknowledge their stuff and deal with their own fears.

The other thing that is really important is to have no judgement. If you hold judgemental attitudes, the aura will not release the information. The easiest way to let go of judgement is to understand the processes whereby people come to set up negative patterns and the reasons why they come to believe that it is either wrong or unsafe to be true to themselves. Running untrue patterns through your aura is uncomfortable and stressful. Only truth is truly relaxing. Only truth fills you with pleasure and confidence. Only truth  generates a flood of physical well-being when you clearly express it. There is no real fulfillment from untruth and there is always sadness whenever truth is displaced by any other pattern. So no-one would willingly choose untruth over truth unless they felt a compelling need to do so. Most of these compelling needs occurred during early childhood when sensitivity is intense, when the existing moment is all important and when there is no sense of the bigger picture of life outside the immediate environment. The child just chooses whatever pattern seems to best meet the needs of its current situation. If that choice seems to gain something for it, then it will continue to maintain and elaborate on that pattern of survival and this is how our wardrobes of personae come into being.

If you always bear in mind that all negative patterns began with what seemed like a necessary untruth at the time, then you are not likely to be much bothered by judgement. Aura diagnosis needs an impartial and open approach. It is not about telling someone what you personally think is right. It is simply about allowing their aura to tell you what is right for them so that you can then help them to see and feel their own truth for themselves. Everyone is different anyway so each person's truth that you see is like coming across a previously unseen flower in a beautiful landscape. You would miss out on the pleasure of these experiences if you were to approach this work with a belief that your own right way of being is bound to be the best way for others. Sometimes your right way may be very close to theirs but in some cases imposing your own right way could be rather like a giraffe telling a fish to stretch out a bit and go for the tasty leaves at the top of a tree!

Aura diagnosis is not really difficult to do. Most children do it brilliantly. This is the skill they use to diagnose how to manipulate their parents into giving them what they want! It is the skill we use to find a way to make a good connection with someone we have just met ' or to find the weak areas through which we can hurt or control someone if we think we have justification for wanting to do so. It is the awareness of atmosphere in a place or a building, it is the 'gut feeling' that tells you whether you can trust someone or not. It is the ability to sense whether someone you love is happy or angry or distressed without even seeing them. In all these situations, you are simply picking up information from their aura via your own.

Someone who wants to do aura diagnosis professionally just needs to become more consciously aware of the information they are picking up through their own aura. They also need to know how to interpret what they find and present it in a way that is useful and constructive to the other person. These abilities come with practice. However, if you can allow yourself to stay relaxed and open whilst you are doing it, the right way to proceed will simply come to you 'the right words, the right speed, the right tone of voice. The other person's aura will guide you and you will also have all the spiritual assistance that you need, providing you stay with the pure intent.

To give you some idea about the kind of things you can find out through accessing the memory bank of the aura here is an interesting example which clearly shows the way in which a disease process provides a physical manifestation of an underlying energy dynamic:
A woman came for a consultation to help her understand the underlying energy causing a developing cataract in her right eye. On opening to the aura over her eye, my first impression was a vision of grey and hopeless suffering in the world outside herself. I could feel that the sight of this suffering went straight into her heart causing intense pain. This pain felt chronic, deep and continuous and was accompanied by a feeling of weariness of life and a draining of inner energy and will to continue.

Since the persistence of this sort of feeling eventually leads to a desire to die, her aura would have considered it necessary to establish a defence system. Her previous long term defence had been to totally block out all awareness of other people's feelings (and of most of her own!) but she had already worked on removing this block, which then left her open to this penetration by other people's pain.

Under this layer of heart pain and world weariness was the block to seeing. It looked like a dense white fibrous stringy patch overlying the centre of the eye. This was the energetic representation of the cataract. The energetic intention of this blind patch was to prevent her seeing the pain in the world. Safe and cosy under the blind patch was a layer of inner retreat from the world and a sense of taking comfort in being walled in away from its influence. However, underneath this defensive wall was another layer. This was a feeling of pure tender warmth and loving kindness flowing naturally into a true desire to help others. This felt like a fundamental aspect of her true nature.

The problem here was with her vision of life. Her own truth was fine. However, instead of seeing the real inner truth of others, she was only seeing what they superficially believed to be true. Because they believed there was no solution to their pain, she had unquestioningly accepted their belief and therefore perceived them as helpless. So, in her natural desire to relieve their suffering, she had simply taken their pain straight into her heart and wrapped it round with her own tenderness, just as a mother would wrap her love and warmth around a small baby in distress.

A baby will eventually respond to this tender warmth and relax and recover. If it is given all the warm support that it needs as a young child, it will naturally grow up and gradually discover how to use its own inner resources, thereby replacing any areas of helplessness with a knowing of its own power to bring about whatever it desires. It will no longer need the tender nurturing protective embrace of a mother's heart. Instead the mother (and many others) will give it warm joyful appreciation, delight in its self-expression and respect for what it has become. It will meet others on an equal footing. It will meet life with the natural enthusiasm of anyone who knows that they have the inner resources and the outer support from creation to bring the inner perfection of its own soul into clear material expression.
However, this woman was currently trying to offer this tender nurturing heart's embrace to adults who were not actually powerless to relieve their own suffering but only believed themselves to be so. Because they were committed to this image of themselves and their own associated beliefs about life, they were not going to respond to her loving tenderness by relaxing and healing and growing into their own power as a baby would. So she had ended up just carrying their pain endlessly within her heart. The resulting accumulation of large quantities of other people's pain had eventually arrived at such a degree of intensity that it was threatening her own willingness to continue to survive. This is why she needed a defence against it. And her chosen defence at this point of her life was to stop seeing the pain - hence the cataract, symbolising the decision to close off her inner vision from the awareness of other people's apparently helpless suffering.

The answer to this situation was in the deeper layers of her aura, in accessing her own inner knowing that the way she could generate happiness for herself was by trusting her own feelings of rightness and allowing them to guide her actions. She already knew that she could sometimes be really happy, enjoy life and have fun but she hadn't realised the connection between those occasions and her own right choice of action. Nor had she been aware of the way the right choice of action needed to come out of a deep sense of inner knowing. She had simply assumed (like her parents) that happiness just happened, that some days were just destined to be good days, and that she had no power over when this occurred. Because she had not realised that she was able to make choices which would determine her own happiness, she didn't understand that others had the same potential to make similar choices. So although she had read loads of books about people having their own answers, she was still effectively seeing happiness as a random occurrence that happened more to some than to others and was therefore naturally feeling sorry for those to whom it didn't seem to happen much. She therefore felt that it would be hurtful to those in difficulty to just tell them they had the answers they needed inside themselves

Before she could approach other people's pain in a different way she needed to know that everyone has internal access to everything they need to know to make their own lives exactly as they want them to be.
To know that this was true for others she first needed to consciously know that it was true of herself.

To help her get access to this inner knowing, I initially asked her to go back through her own experiences and remember times when she had known something was completely right for her and then followed through with it and seen it all fall into place perfectly. She had no problem with this. I then asked her to mentally communicate to those she saw as suffering that they too had their own inner knowing of what was right for them and that following that knowing would bring relief of their pain. She attempted this twice but each time she developed a sharp pain in her eye. Obviously it was too great a jump for her to go from 'I can do it' to 'You can do it.' So what we did then was take it much more slowly. She started again with her own inner knowing and memories of times when she had followed it successfully to fulfillment I then asked her to flow loving warmth towards herself for having trusted and been true to her own innermost feelings of rightness and to really appreciate the contribution she had made to the success of these occasions by having made that choice to listen inward and to trust herself. Then I suggested she slowly expand that warmth and appreciation of her own contribution until it completely surrounded her and extended well beyond her radiated around her physical body. Then I asked her to think of some other people she knew who also successfully accessed and trusted their inner knowing. This expanded her buffer zone until she felt really secure in her own certainty that she could always choose to listen to this inner rightness, that it would always contain the answers she needed and that others had access to this same kind of inner knowing. She then proceeded to extend this warm certainty gradually but steadily outwards towards those who were suffering, holding steadily to the knowing that everyone has direct access to what is right for them and the free will to choose to act upon that rightness and thereby make their own lives fulfilled and happy. This she eventually managed to do without pain. This was what she needed to practice regularly in order to neutralise the energetic pattern that was leading to the development of her cataract.

Many people are afraid of illness. The words 'Cancer' and 'AIDS'. can seem like a death sentence. But the fear of illness is probably more dangerous than the illness itself as the more you fear something, the more energy and attention you give to it and energy and attention provide much of the power that makes things happen in the material world.
Many people do not realise how much power they have to create what happens in their own lives. Your power lies in the flow of your energy and attention. Your greatest power lies in applying that energy and attention to the clear flow of your own truth into your own life. This will generate pure love and thereby bring you into complete harmony with the universe. The flow of its creative power will then surround and support you.

Fear is a consequence of a feeling of helplessness. If you know you are capable of dealing with a particular situation you will not fear it. I felt fear even trying to stand up on a pair of skis when there was a small (but icy!) downslope in front of me. My young children whizzed down that and much steeper slopes with pure joy and exhilaration. The downslope was not in itself frightening. It was only causing me fear because I did not           currently not have the physical ability to deal with it.

Many of us are simply brought up with the beliefs that life just happens to us and there is nothing much we can do about many situations, however much we dislike them. However, once you come to realise that you always have access to the inner resource of your own certain knowing of what is right for you and that it will always be safe and fine to follow through that knowing with right action, you will not be afraid of potentially difficult life situations as you will know that you have access to the resources to deal with them. Once you understand that illness is a direct result of separation from your own truth and realise that you can always make the choice to shift back into alignment with what is truly right for you and thereby facilitate your own body's natural and ongoing healing process, then you will not need to fear any disease.

I remember a beautiful young woman telling me that I was the first person to ever say to her that she did not have to die of the AIDS she had contracted as a result of childhood abuse. She believed me. This at least ten years ago. She is currently completely well and symptom free. However, she does avoid going to see doctors, as she is sensitive to their fears for her and is aware that this can undermine her own trust in herself.

The difficulty with being a conventionally trained doctor is that everything is presented and analysed in purely material terms and the spiritual aspect of life is often ignored. I have taken part in hospital ward rounds during which all the medical staff stood solemnly at the end of a patient's bed emanating an almost palpable certainty that this person was going to die. Their reason for this certainty was that most other people with this illness at this particular stage of its development did die. I have since understood that the reason people die before their right time is that they do nothing to change the underlying patterns that led to their illness in the first place. The illness will therefore follow the same course as it has followed in everyone else who has not done anything to change similar patterns. The course of the illness then becomes theoretically and statistically predictable.

The more people simply accept the existing statistics, the more power that statistical pressure has and the more likely it becomes that others will also succumb to it. Nevertheless, one person can stand against any amount of statistics by simply looking inwards and deciding what feels right for themselves and choosing to act upon it.
I remember when I was a medical student once asking an oncologist if anyone ever recovered from cancer by themselves. The oncologist related one instance of an Italian with a bowel cancer who had come to this London teaching hospital for the best possible treatment. His tumour could not be completely removed and he was told he had a year to live. He went home and then went on a voyage round the world - something he had always wanted to do. He came back a year later and his tumour was completely gone.
There is a rapidly accumulating body of evidence now about cancers and other illnesses that have completely disappeared when the affected individuals have changed direction and started doing whatever it was they really truly wanted to do. One of the first people to collect this evidence was an American psychologist, Laurence Le Shan. There is no shortage of such information now. People like Depak Chopra and Louise Hay come immediately to my mind. If you have any personal experiences of complete cure of a supposedly/statistically incurable illness or know of any good writing on this subject and want to send me the information I will put it into a reading list at the end of this article.

There is no need to accept the conventional medical model wholesale. History shows us how often medical models have changed and there is no reason to assume that they will not change again.

Unfortunately our Western society has a strong tendency to encourage the general acceptance of the prevailing authorities rather than supporting people in their inner search for personal rightness. This tendency to passive acceptance of existing models is made worse by an education system that gives very little encouragement to inner knowing and places excessive emphasis on acquisition of information from outside the self. It is also influenced by religious doctrines which claim that only its priests have direct access to the creator and only those who follow a particular set of rules are going to gain entry to whatever concept of heaven is favored by that particular religion. So, if we want to be well, we need to be on guard against any general atmosphere of deference to those in authority which gives the chosen (or self-presented ) authority the power to make decisions which affect those other than themselves.

If you give up your rightful authority over your own life and place it in the hands of others, you will have to accept the choices they make. If you have elected a prime minister and thereby given him the authority to make decisions for the country and he then chooses to go to war because of his own personal paranoia and his own religious convictions, you will have to endure the consequences of his choices. If you place your health in the hands of another person, you make that person responsible for deciding what is best for you. No-one can really know what is truly right for you unless you find it out for yourself and tell them! So if you put them in the position of making your decisions for you and they accept that responsibility, all they can do to fulfil it is to take into account everything they already know and give you an answer based on that information. So they will communicate what they think and what they think will be based on statistics and the weight of those statistics will then become a pressure on both of you, influencing you to conform to whatever those statistics predict is going to happen to you.

I personally don't go along with the current tendency to blame doctors/hospitals for so many of the things that go physically wrong. We all have instinctive (gut) feelings about what is right for us and about what might go wrong and if we choose to ignore these feelings or allow them to be overridden by someone to whom we give authority over us it is hardly fair to put all the responsibility for what goes wrong onto the authority we have ourselves chosen!

My last pregnancy was a potentially/statistically high risk. It was my fifth child, I was 43 and I had decided to have the baby in a portable water birthing tub in my remote farmhouse in North Wales which had no telephone and was an hour's drive from the nearest hospital. As if these potential hazards were not enough, I had also decided that I wanted to have this birth amongst my friends with no medical attendance! Although I really deeply wanted to do this, I was nevertheless beset by quite a lot of fear. This was largely my own inherited fear, with which I was familiar from other pregnancies but it was added to by my logical (statistically assisted!) assessment of the risks involved. However I managed to sit down one day and get myself into a completely centered space for about half an hour and during this time I thought about the birth and I knew in the depths of myself that it would be fine and that it could be the really good experience I had always wanted during childbirth. So, although the old fears constantly nibbled away at the edges of my awareness - and sometimes flooded over me, I held onto the certainty I had accessed during that short period of complete centeredness and proceeded accordingly. I did have the birth in my farmhouse. It was absolutely wonderful, even better than I had ever imagined it could be and absolutely nothing went wrong.

It's no good putting all the power over your illness in someone else's hands. If your inner patterns are driving you towards death, all a doctor can do is slow down the physical process and even then, with the very best treatment, some people are just going to die because they have had enough of being here and simply don't want to co-operate with the process of staving off the time of their death. To recover from a potentially terminal illness, people need to want to live and to want to live they need to know that their lives can be happy and fulfilled. If they don't believe that they have the resources to make their own lives happy and fulfilled they will only stay until they are no longer able to endure the pain of their own unhappiness and separation. Then they will instruct their body to provide for the release of their soul.

If you want to go on living, you need a good reason to stay. Hope that things can eventually be good can be quite a satisfactory reason but if you come to a point where there is no sign of impending change and you already have a long past history of accumulated pain, hope can seem simply delusional. You need to know that you have power to make your own life the way you want it to be. This is a good reason to continue within it.

I remember once seeing a man with cancer who was brought to me by his wife. I asked him what his reasons were for wanting to live. He just said that it would be better for his wife, as their pension would be much diminished if he died. This is not enough of a reason to overcome a life threatening illness. The fulfillment of your potential for happiness and joy in being alive is a good reason, a willingness    to master your difficulties and acquire wisdom through so doing is a good reason, a wish  to share what you know to be true is a good reason, a true heart's desire  to be a manifestation of the presence of love is a very good reason. To simply start out on the process of learning how to do all these things is also a good reason' (even if its only to save yourself the effort of going through the same steps all over again in your next life!)

It is not possible to make your own life completely fulfilling by listening to others. You need to listen inwards to yourself. As there is little training or overt support for this in our society, those who do listen inwards will have simply decided to make this choice for themselves. They may have made this decision because they innately knew it was right or, more commonly, because they could no longer bear the painful and frustrating consequences of listening to the directives of others. Fortunately there are enough of these people around to provide everyone who wants it with plenty of inspiration.

So if you have any physical illness, just bear in mind the understanding that you yourself are ultimately responsible for its presence and for whether or not you allow it to heal. There are plenty of people with the skills to help you to understand why this illness is there and what aspects of your own truth need to be brought forward to facilitate the natural healing processes. Spend some time thinking of how you would really like to be and how you would really like your life to be and know that you can bring about all this by attentive inner listening and by trusting your own feelings of inner knowing to direct you into the actions that are truly right for you.

Helen Ford February 2007

If anyone wants a one to one personal aura diagnosis session then contact me on 01384 379740. The cost is £60 per hour and an initial session generally lasts for between one and a half and two hours so you are looking at a fee of £90 to £120. One session is often enough but if you need more they don't usually take so long once I am familiar with your issues. l
If anyone feels like learning to do aura diagnosis the way I do it, I will periodically be running courses to teach it. Check the 'workshops' section on this web site. The course consists of four weekends arranged to mutual convenience, each weekend costs £120 which includes accomiodation and you bring food to share.



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