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Creating The Life You Desire

I have recently written a book entitled Creating the Life You Desire. This is the first of three books in which I hope to share pretty much everything I have learned through my life and my work. I have been writing these books for at least 20 years so I am really happy about completing one of them at least!

The most important thing to me about this book is that it is what I would have liked to have read when I was 17 and really struggling to find either sense or contentment in my life. So I hope that next time I incarnate I will come across a copy before I get too deeply entangled in my own dramas!

I have come to see this earthly life as a process of mastery, rather like the video games that people love to play. You set out with a goal but initially lack the skill to deal with the challenges and obstacles you encounter. So you set your heart and mind on acquiring the neccessary skills and then practice until you have mastered the game. This book is about mastering the skills that will enable you to live the right life of your soul, which is the life that will bring you true happiness and fulfilment

This book is about the way the soul within us can enable us to create our own perfect life as long as we allow it to flow freely. It is also about what blocks that free flow of the soul and about what we can do to unblock the blocks.

In summary most blocks are due to memories of past trauma that have been logged deep within the brain and then walled off from consciousness. Even though we may not recall the details of the original trauma we still react to things that remind us of it by running defence patterns the often exclude the soul and , instead, use some kind of constructed 'face' or persona to stand between ourselves and the perceived threat of another similar trauma. Unfortunately (or maybe not!), you cannot create the life you desire by using defensive personae. All they are good for is defence. All true creative expression requires the soul. So we have to find ways to restore the free flow of the soul even in situations when we are being triggered into a defensive pattern by somthing in our current environment that reminds us of a severe trauma in our past.

Many of the defensive patterns we find ourselves using in adult life were originally constructed in childhood and may remain pretty much unchanged. This is why we can find ourselves (or, more probably, notice others!) reacting 'childishly' to certain trigger situations whilst knowing that both ourselves and those same others are perfectly capable of balanced adult behaviour at other times. This happens because the locked in memories that trigger our defensive patterns are effectively frozen in a time capsule. They cannot change until they are seen clearly and brought out into full consciousness. Then the associated behaviour pattern can be modified and the habitual defensive persona (hopefully!) replaced with the truth of the inner being. Then we can take charge of our lives and move them steadily towards whatever it is our own heart truly desires.

To give you an idea of what the book is about here is a list of the chapter headings

Shifting Reality


Gathering the Evidence

Guidance from Inner Feelings (Carrots and Sticks)

True Heart's Desire

Pure Love

Inner rightness and Direct Knowing

Vision of Life

A Few Thoughts on the Apparent Conflicts Between the Physical and Spiritual Aspects of our Being

The Power of Memories

Left Brain Right Brain

Retreat of the Soul

Cosequences of Soul retreat (Many, Many Sticks!)

Potential Complications of Triggered Reaction Patterns

Healing Memories

Memories of Transmitted Fear

Miasms and Thought Forms

The book is 136 pages of A4. At the moment it comes with the pages loosely held together with treasury tags. My intent is to get it properly printed but I am waiting for one or two of the cartoon pictures to be finally completed. So you can buy a copy now if you want to or wait until these last few details fall into place. The current price is £10, with a postage fee of an additional £1.40 for 2nd class or £1.60 for 1st class within the Uk. (Not sure about most other countries but do know postage is £8 to India!)

If you want a copy the best thing is to send me a cheque to the address below giving me your address and postcode.


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