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Each living being has a blueprint or light form. This light form is a direct expression of Spirit and forms the essential core truth of that being . Spiritual healing is a form of treatment which activates and energises this light form , supporting it to transmit itself more freely into the other bodies.

Ideally the pure energy of our own light form will suffuse and energise our emotional, mental and physical bodies. When this happens we feel amazing! We also feel well.

Physical health depends on the degree to which the energies of this light body are transmitted into physical expression. The more our essential truth flows into our everyday thoughts, feelings and actions the healthier we will be. This flow of essential truth is more important than anything else in keeping us happy and physically well. When this core truth flows freely through us, the need for any other kind of nutrients or therapy is greatly diminished.

People often turn to spiritual healing as a last resort, when all the customary Western therapies seem to have failed to produce the desired result. Yet it is the most fundamental form of healing there is.... and one of the best things about it is that it is potentially a do-it-yourself therapy. Also the energy source which powers it comes direct from Creation and is completely free.

If you can listen inwards to your own feelings and hold fast to what gives you a strong sense of inner rightness, acting only in your own right timing with the actions and expressions which feel right to your own heart and solar plexus, then the life force will have an easy passage through your whole being, you will be flooded with natural endorphins and all the other beneficial chemicals our own bodies can produce and you will be both happy and well. This is do- it- yourself spiritual healing!

If you spend your life doing things that go against the grain of your own truth, holding back from what feels right or true to you, pretending to be something you are not to please others or to get them to love you, then you are likely to need healing from outside yourself.
All the healer does is align you with your own true nature. Spiritual healing is basically what happens when you are properly aligned with the truth of your own soul. As long as that alignment is maintained, any healing you need will proceed apace. If you let yourself slip out of alignment and go back to your habitual behaviour patterns then the healing will stop and you will keep having to go back to a healer to help you realign.

I focus my healing sessions and workshops on helping people find out what is true for them and helping them understand and undo the blocks that have been preventing them from aligning with that truth. I can just give healing and make someone feel really good for a while but it seems far more constructive to me to support people to heal themselves by allowing their own truth to flow as freely as it is intended to flow through the whole of their being. After all, the spirit that has the most power to heal you is always going to be your own. Once you commit to flowing the truth of your own soul then you will naturally align with the Love that is always there for all beings and that love will support you to bring about whatever your heart truly desires.


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