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Helen's Life

A few bits of possibly relevant information about Helen's Life.

I was born into a strongly medical family. My granny used to be the only one at the table who ate her meals slowly as the rest of us were all doctors and used to having to get dinner down before the bleep called us away!

I consciously wanted to be a doctor from about the age of eleven but looking back I don't think I really understood what doctoring involved. I was (and probably still am!) full of romantic idealism and I thought I would be able to help people to be happy. I thought curing their illnesses would do this. It took me quite a while to realise that there are some people who are not really ready to get rid of their illnesses and even longer to understand that they have created their illnesses themselves.

I could probably see auras when I was a child, as can many children, and I could definitely see angels but my highly scientific and rational family decided I was simply being fanciful if I mentioned seeing anything beyond the surface. So I learned to play the necesary games and since it was inconvenient to see things other people couldn't see and sometimes embarrassing to see what they didn't want me to see and sometimes frightening to see the unpleasant things that went on in people's auras, especially if that unpleasantness was directed towards myself, when I was five I became very ill with diptheria, was unconscious for a few days and then came back unable to see anything except what was visible to my physical eyes.

It wasn't until I was seventeen that I once again saw with my inner eyes, the eyes of the soul, and realised that the essence of everything around me was pure love. I never forgot that experience and even though I went back to seeing only the material world, I knew that what I had seen was the real truth of the universe.

Whilst I was a medical student and junior doctor it gradually dawned on me that the medical model of illness we were given didn't explain certain things and when I worked as a g.p.in Canada it became even more obvious that people's physical illnesses were directly responsive to their mental/emotional states. I came across the Bach Flower remedies and, more importantly to me, Bach's writings and my perception of the nature of illness gradually changed. Then someone lent me Lyall Watson's Supernature and I followed up that path by reading everything I could get hold of about parapsychology and auras, which wasn't a lot in the early 1980s.

I had four small children and I wanted to be with them as much as I could so I quit working for a health service and began to do my own more holistic work. The things I now believe and on which I base my work have evolved out of the work itself.

My work with a client is to listen to what is going on under the surface. I just stay centered, place my hands over the part of the body where the illness is focussed or the part where I sense a disturbance of the energy and then I wait and allow myself to be aware of whatever it is that other person's aura wants to communicate. The information comes up in layers. I listen to each layer, communicate it and go on to the next one. The pure truth of the person's soul is always there at the bottom of everything and that pure truth is their solution to whatever is wrong with their bodies or their lives. I know this because I have seen for myself how it works.
I have no idea how this is done. What is it within each of us that can select a few relevant scenes from one person's life and bring them forward in a logical self-explanatory sequence in such a way that they become accessible to another person? It is a mystery to me and a marvel. I am constantly enthralled and amazed and I learn something new about the true nature of Creation from every client I see. I cannot think of any job I would rather do for a living.

When I entered medical school I believed that there was nothing beyond the material world, that the only reality was that which could be perceived with the physical senses and preferably reproducibly measured with some physical instrument. A year or so ago I had a discussion with my father who was ill but refused healing on the grounds that it couldn't possibly work. He was unconvinced by the photographs of water in Masuro Emoto's books saying he would need a statistically sigificant amount of reproducible data in order to believe that the water had truly been affected by people's thoughts. (So you can see where my beliefs came from!) As I had never in my life won any argument with my father I realised I had no chance in this one so I let it drop but left him a gift of money to be used to pay for healing (or chocolate cake if he was so inclined!) He never used it. He died recently. When I stood in the room where his body was laid out, the feeling of love pouring off the place where he lay was almost physically palpable, it was so powerful. When his body was later placed in a coffin, that feeling of love stayed in the bed and then came with us to the funeral. I know this was my father's soul. If he could have spoken, I expect he would have agreed!

It is good to know that there is something other than the material world, something that infuses everything with pure love. I know it because I have seen it in the people I work with. This isn't a matter of faith. It is a certainty and I am glad that it is so.

Besides my work I love my family and my friends, I love gardening and planting trees and I delight in glitter, especially in excess! I love music, especially J.S. Bach's and any really good guitar playing such as by David Gilmour and Eric Clapton and also Johnny Cash's video 'Hurt'. I read only fiction, mainly fantasy adventure, favourites being Terry Pratchett's discworld books and Stephen Erikson. I love going to the cinema. especially the Chinese/Japanese martial arts films from Kurosawa onwards.

I don't like computers, mobile phones or microwaves. I don't like impositional systems or the people who implement them and I hate scam artists!

If there is anything else you want to know, you will have to phone me and ask! No e.mails please -for your benefit- as I am highly unlikely to manage to read them mainly because I don't really want to! (The best of all reasons.

I will be putting the articles I have written onto this site whenever I can persuade my highly computer literate third son to help me to do it.


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