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Trance Healing for Confused Souls (earthbound spirits/ghosts)

Our society’s fear of death has created a tendency to avoid close contact with the dead and dying.
This tendency has generated many difficulties both for the still living and for those who are approaching death or have actually died.
Life within a physical body gives a soul the opportunity to learn by direct experience about the true nature of love. We can find out for ourselves about ‘good’ truth/pure love and ‘evil’ (separation from truth/pure love) just by observing the material consequences of everything we do, think and feel. Death seen in the context of many lifetimes of opportunity to learn and grow can then appear more like a welcome break, a holiday, a time to return home and take a rest from the work and study processes of everyday life. However, some individuals leave their bodies before their natural right time or without completing whatever it was they came to do or learn in a particular life. Those individuals who are carrying unresolved issues and unfinished business will naturally be reluctant to leave the earth plane without completion. These individuals may then remain ‘earthbound’. Some of these earthbound souls remain attached to a place – e.g. their old home or their place of death. Others attach themselves to someone who still has a physical body in an attempt to try to finish their own business via the body of the person to whom they become attached.

Some will attach themselves to those they loved, others to those they hated and others to those who are currently dealing with the same issues to which they themselves are still seeking solutions. Some are attracted to familiar negative patterns and stay with someone with a body because that person is indulging the same type of negativity which affected the earthbound soul during its last life. Others are seeking inspiration and will be attracted to someone who had similar problems but is dealing with them in a better way.

Sometimes the attachment can be comforting, especially to someone who feels lonely, because there is at least a sense of companionship, even if it is a companionship of shared unhappiness, anger, jealousy, frustration or pain. However, body-sharing, even if only intermittently, is not usually a very satisfactory arrangement for either party, especially if the attaching soul wants you to smoke, drink, eat biscuits/chocolate, work endless hours, have sex with the people of its choice, get involved in arguments or fall hopelessly in love just because that was their pattern and without considering that you might not feel like it! So the attachment of an earthbound soul to someone with a body is often disturbing to the person with a body and can also be frustrating to the soul without one, particularly when the person with the body refuses to co-operate with its requirements!

Besides stimulating alterations of mood or behaviour, the presence of confused souls may affect your physical health. Some recent research has indicated that people who allow earthbound souls to remain in their bodies can develop reversible physical changes, like alterations in blood pressure and body chemistry and also allergic manifestations which are directly related to the presence of an earthbound soul within their bodies and that these symptoms will disappear when the soul leaves. My own experience with illness also suggests that physical symptoms can come and go depending on the individual’s mental state, so this tendency may well be exacerbated by the attachment of confused souls.
Another common problem is that on any occasion when an earthbound soul takes over completely, the body owner will end up having to take responsibility for what that soul did – even though he or she may well not remember doing it. (Memory gaps for certain actions or periods of time often mean that a confused soul was in occupancy whilst the action was being performed. This becomes most obvious in situations such as mental illness or  alcohol intoxication but most of us will have experienced times when we put something down somewhere and then ‘forgot’ what we had done with it …. the facts are that you didn’t put it anywhere – the soul did.  But you are the one who is now going to have to retrieve it!
Basically the best plan for physical life is the original one – a body each. Each soul having its own body and using it for the sole purpose of following its own life’s true path and expressing the inner truth of its own being. However, because we deal so badly with death and do so little to help confused souls to finish their unfinished business, these souls collect around the earth and can generate quite considerable interference with those who do have bodies. Mental hospitals are full of them – which doesn’t exactly assist the inmates, but so also are most ordinary hospitals and any places where there is a disproportionate amount of man made structures (especially ugly ones) and not enough nature. They also collect around places like battlefields and anywhere there has been a lot of pain or other negative energies. Conversely, any place where human beings go to do something they truly enjoy will also accumulate a good energy which will benefit the earthbound souls. Churches usually have a beneficial effect because they are set up to provide a connection to source and this is what these souls most need. This applies especially to the older churches or cathedrals which were built on ley lines and where there have been centuries of continuing and heartfelt prayer.

The obvious solution to the healing of earthbound souls is to help them to reconnect with their own truth and resolve their unfinished business. This is easily done by anyone who is willing to do it, as the majority of these souls are only too glad of an opportunity to be free of their conflicts and to find a way out of the unsatisfactory situation they are in. All that it takes is the willingness to help, together with a respect for the unique value of each being and an understanding that everyone has a core truth which is pure and perfect, no matter how far they may have separated from it. It also helps stay steadily aware that we all make – and learn by - mistakes and that all that has happened to these souls is that they have got stuck in a mistake. None of these souls is intrinsically bad or ‘evil’. They have just become separated from their own truth. Many of them don’t believe they can ever escape from their current situation or undo whatever it is they have done, so they sit in their own suffering believing it to be eternal. It is therefore very important for anyone who wants to help them to know for sure that there is no such thing as eternal damnation in Creation’s reality. That idea was simply invented by man.

There are a variety of ways of helping these souls. You can help the ones which are attracted to you by simply solving your own problems and by being committed to staying steady in your own truth and not getting caught up in other people’s stuff. They cannot invade your aura whilst you are radiating your own truth fully into your own space but they will be attracted to the light warmth and love you are generating by doing this. Then they will have the opportunity to feel and observe what it is like to be true and this will help them to do it for themselves. It is especially helpful if you have managed to shift yourself from a negative to a positive state as they can then see for themselves that this can be done.
You can also communicate with them directly. Again, there are various ways of doing this. I personally have never found it necessary to use anything as extreme as ‘exorcism’. Most of these souls are in conflict and pain and are only to glad to co-operate with a respectful offer of relief- especially if they are not insulted, judged or frustrated in the process!
We use a system of semi-trance. This gives the soul an opportunity to communicate and resolve its difficulties without interfering with the consciousness or the bodily functions of the healer who temporarily allows it to use his or her body in order to speak.

We have two people doing the healing. One takes the soul from whom or wherever it is currently attached to into his or her awareness and allows the soul to use his or her vocal chords to express itself. This person we call the healer. It is also part of the healer’s function to allow the soul access to everything he or she knows about Spirit and truth. The other person we call the controller. This person speaks to the soul and guides it towards its own solution.

The first step is to give the soul an opportunity to express how it is feeling. It then needs to be reconnected with its own guardian angels/spirit guides. These guides never leave a soul, no matter how separated it has become from its own true nature nor how much it has surrounded itself with darkness and confusion. The soul is asked to call its angels close and to ask them to help it to remember its own true nature. This may take a little while and some extra encouragement but quite often it takes place quite quickly, especially if the person who was previously carrying the soul has already sorted through the relevant issues within him or herself.

Once the soul is securely reconnected with its own inner truth, it is asked to look at the reason why it disconnected in the first place. Then the angels help it to see how it could have dealt with its difficulties by staying in its truth. Once this is understood, the soul will have completed its learning process and will then feel free to leave with its angels and let go of its attachments to others.

This work is easy and fulfilling to do as long as you keep a pure intent and refrain from any form of judgement. It provides an opportunity to walk the proverbial mile in another man’s moccasin and also to see into the depths of other beings’ souls, where there is always beauty to be found. It also helps you to learn to discern the difference between truth and illusion within yourself.

Once you have experienced enough of this work, you will not fear your own death, the future death of others or the already dead (ghosts) because you will know from your own experiences with the earthbound  souls that love is always there, no-one is ever abandoned by Spirit and that there is no mistake you can make, no matter how awful it may seem at the time, which does not have its solution in the love and truth which you are already carrying within you as part of  the true nature of your own soul.

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