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I initially trained and worked in conventional medicine. However, I gradually realised that physical illness is not simply a consequence of physical causes. So I began to look into the evidence for other possible reasons for people to become ill and eventually came to the point where I am now.

I call myself a holistic physician because I treat mind, body and spirit as an interactive whole. I have come to understand that illness arises in the body or mind as a result of some kind of separation from the soul's truth. In my experience, anyone who is allowing the core truth of their own inner being. soul to flow freely into expression will be happy, healthy and fulfilled. It is also my experience that when someone becomes ill because they have chosen to express something other than their truth, this illness can be healed if truth's flow is restored.

There are many reasons why people believe they cannot be their true selves. Sometimes the truth is completely hidden behind an array of defensive personae. Nevertheless, if someone is willing to seek their own truth, all the understanding and healing they need will come to them.

I use aura diagnosis to access the information that is needed to understand the cause of a current illness or emotional difficulty. This means that I use my own natural spiritual sensitivity to pick up the information that is transmitted from my client's aura. This information is transmitted willingly because both of us are there for the same purpose - to support the restoration of the free flow of truth. Sometimes there are several layers to go through before the truth is reached but it is always there and it provides the solution to presenting problem. I have learned to trust that people always do have their own answers. What I am good at is picking up the information about what those answers are and helping people understand what they can do to heal themselves.

The work that I do can go very deep into the fundamental blocks that interfere with the natural flow of the true self. Even though the release of these blocks may bring up past memories of associated fear or pain, the way I work does not involve any risk of traumatic reactions. This is because I only work with what the client's own inner being presents to me. Thus the only issues that will be presented are the ones that the individual is currently ready and able to deal with. In this way, the depth of the healing is naturally regulated by the individual's current needs as well as by his or her present degree of self -awareness. The more work someone has already done on themselves and the more willing they are to go to the base level of their own blocks, the faster the healing can proceed.

I prefer it when the people who come to see me are willing to work with me and take an active part in their own healing as this produces much better long-term results. However, I am willing to give pure healing to anyone who is genuinely too sick, too confused or in some other way completely unable to help themselves as this is a way of offering at least some short term relief.

Types of problems this therapy can help resolve
This type of therapy can basically help with a huge range of problems. It can help you to understand and clear away the causes of any current physical illness and it can also help prevent such illness by dealing with the types of chronic emotional stresses which will eventually lead to disturbances of the physical body. It also helps with all kinds of emotional and relationship difficulties as well as with difficulties in finding where you want to live, what you want to be doing with your life and knowing who you really are as well as random issues like why people keep bumping into your car and why you hate your neighbour's cat.

Basically, because it is your own subconscious which presents me with the relevant information, it can help you with anything you really want an answer to. I am particularly interested in helping with feelings of blocked creative self expression, personal worthlessness, feelings of not belonging and/or intrinsic aloneness, hopelessness, fear, hatred and general anger issues, jealousy, victim issues, sexual invasion, feelings of over-responsibility, sacrificial love and the conflict between the masculine and feminine aspects of the self and others. I am also very interested in helping to free people from the influence of the miasms and all types of negative beliefs about life, including those inherited directly from the parents and those which may have been brought forward from past lives.

I am also happy to work with couples or with family groups.

Distance work
I can do this work without you being there, which is useful for people living abroad or far away or those unfit to travel. For this type of distance work I need some hair, a photo and a handwritten listing of what is wrong that you want help with a detailed history of everything that has ever been wrong with you (physical illness, accidents, periods of mental emotional illness etc.). If you have a physical complaint, I need you to send me a white cotton hanky (or other piece of cloth) which has been soaked in sea salt and then laid over the affected part of the body for at least ten minutes. The cloth should then be wrapped up in a waterproof bag and sent to me along with the other information.

The current charge for any type of personal or relationship session is £50 per hour providing I am working in my own environments at either Stourbridge or Ffestiniog. If I am working away from these environments, the charge is £60 per hour unless you are willing to arrange for a few people to see me and allow me to use a room in your home to do the work, in which case the charge is £50. The same fee per hour applies to any distant work that I do but you will also need to refund the cost of the postage to me.If I go abroad to work, then the charges will be higher, depending basically on the costs of my travel having to be included.

I am happy to come and give talks to groups. Here again the charge will depend on the group and the distance I have to travel. A basic cost would be £60 for the talk (Lasting one and a half or two hours).My travel expenses would be added on to that. I will do free talks for any event I personally consider to be a truly good cause, such as certain environmental projects.

I run regular healing workshops and the current list will be accessible if you click on 'workshops' on the side of this page. I will be doing some in other places so if you want one near you ask me. There might be one about to happen or I might be able to arrange one.
When I do a workshop I am often able to see one or two clients afterwards, so if you live miles away from the Midlands or North Wales, my main places of work, it may be that I will be able to come to you instead of you making a long trek.

There will also be information about tree planting sessions at my farmhouse in Ffestiniog

I write about the things I have found out through my work. I will be putting everything I have written bit by bit onto this site. You can find the titles in the columns on the side. They will include some short articles on things like Truth, Addictions and Responsibility and some long ones. I learn something new every day so everything I write is a situation in progress. What is on this site is just for the present and is liable to get altered and added to as I understand more about the dynamics of the way our inner systems work.

Other things
I do various other things besides healing, like planting and growing trees, organic gardening, sweat lodges and organising building projects on my farm in Snowdonia. . Call me if you are interested. It would be a great way to have a holiday, be outdoors in a beautiful natural environment whilst helping the environment through supporting nature. So if anyone wants to spend a week or so helping with the garden and/or tree planting then let me know.


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