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Feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a private counselling session, attend one of my workshops or if you simply require more information on what I do. I prefer you to contact me by phone as I try to avoid using the internet and don't check my e mails very often! 

Cost  Counselling/aura diagnosis is charged by time. It costs £60 per hour if you come to me and £70 an hour if I go to you. Since an initial session usually takes one and a half hours, the total cost will be either £90 or £105.     One session is generally enough to deal with the presenting issue..If you need subsequent sessions they are likely to take less time. If I am working with a couple, I still charge the same rate per hour but the session may take a bit longer. If I have to travel a long way to get to you I will need to charge an additional fee to cover my expenses

Most people only need one session for the particular issue they bring with them. The fee includes a remedy (homoeopathic/ flower/tree remedy mix) and a CD or usb recording of the session. I like people to listen to the recording at least once as clients often say they hear a lot more or understand it better after subsequent listenings . 

I can also do distance work if you send me a lock of hair and a hand wrtitten letter about the issues you want help with The cost is the same per hour  but the session may be  a bit less than the usual one and a half hours. You will also however need to pay me for postage of the recording and the remedy which is the going  'small parcel ' rate currently around 4.

Dr Helen Ford
9 Red Hill
West Midlands

Tel: 01384 379740 (Stourbridge) - 07954412973 mobile 07305984437 mobile 

Email: if you must but please text to say you have sent me an e mail!   helenfordhealing@yahoo.co.uk


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Spiritual Responsibility - Truth - Self Worth & depression - Healing Jealousy - Addiction

TB Miasm - Syphylitic Miasm - Shifting Realities

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