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Illusory Realities & the TB Miasm

“If people wish to make a Buddhaland of this world, they must first clear their own minds. If the minds are pure, surroundings will be pure. ……Then someone will ask, “Why is this world so clouded with impurities?” If people have impure minds they are blind to the true nature of things, they cannot see the purity that is all about us in this world. In those who have a pure and transparent mind there will be an eye of wisdom with which they will be able to recognise even within this world Buddha’s land of purity.”

Quoted from The Teachings of Buddha. A Compendium of many Scriptures translated from the Japanese. 1934.

Although your own personal life experiences can have a strong influence on your capacity to stay aligned and flow only , there are other very powerful influences that can often interfere with the clear and open expression of your inner being. These are the inherited influences. They include direct ancestral influences, social and cultural influences (including religion) and the miasms. All these influences exert their power by interfering with your vision of life. They each present particular beliefs about the way life is and/or the way you ought to be within it. The result of their influence is that you see the world through them rather than seeing it directly and clearly from the truth of your own soul.
The way you see the world naturally affects the way you behave. The way you behave will determine the material reality you generate. Thus both what you believe and the way you behave have a powerful influence on the life you end up creating for yourself.
Regardless of what you believe and what you end up creating in this life, Creation’s perfect reality remains unchangingly available to you. If you can learn to clearly access your own soul’s truth and allow it to flow steadily through you into your everyday life, your life will align with that reality and come to reflect its perfection in material form.
The free flowing expression of your own truth will naturally clear your aura. When you completely fill your own personal space with your own truth, there is neither the place nor the energy for any illusion. It is only then that you can clearly see Creation’s true reality. Once you have seen this reality, you need to hold onto it, remember it and use it as your yardstick. Then when illusory realities come creeping or tumbling upon you, you will be able to compare them with the reality you know from your own direct experience to be the truth. Then you will be able to clearly discern illusion, which is the first step to becoming free of its influence upon you.

Since there are many different illusory realities, it will help you to learn to recognise those which have the most power to affect you. Then you will find it easier able to guard against their effects and learn to put them to one side as you proceed with your own right life.

The inherited influences all gain their power from numbers. Thus the more people share each particular thought or belief, the stronger the influence that thought or belief will have on those who inherit it. Nevertheless, no matter how many adherents a particular belief has acquired, its power can still be completely neutralised within your own life by the personal acquisition of sufficient evidence of known and proven truth.

Most illusory realities begin their career whilst you are still within the womb. During the later months of her pregnancy our mother’s beliefs will seep into us, so we will inherit them by process of passive absorption. Many of these beliefs tend to ‘float’ around us after birth and will only become internalised and operative if we have an experience that appears to confirm them. However, some of these beliefs can penetrate quite deeply even before you are born. The degree of penetration probably depends on a variety of factors, including the natural sensitivity of the child, the intensity of the mother’s feelings, the frequency with which these beliefs are transmitted and the effects of any past life remembrances that may predispose to the acceptance of particular beliefs. Certain types of belief seem to have more penetrative power than others. Thus any belief that is associated with the mother’s fear has a good chance of being deeply internalised before birth. Feelings and beliefs associated with sex and the relationship between sexual partners also seem to get a really deep grip. We also tend to unquestioningly internalise beliefs related to childbirth and the rearing of children. The other set of beliefs that tend to be deeply internalised are those relating to survival within the material world. If any of these internalised beliefs appear to be incompatible with the expression of your soul’s truth, then the result may be either a suppression of truth itself or the production of camouflaging defence patterns that allow truth some degree of expression but effectively conceal it from the outer world.

Since it is the belief patterns that are most closely connected with survival of both the self and the species that tend to be most easily absorbed and internalised, it is clear that the ability to absorb particular maternal beliefs is fundamentally valuable to us. However, although this process of passive absorption does have the potential to impart valuable information about how to behave in certain important situations, it also has the potential to set us out on a completely wrong path. When what we end up absorbing contains a number of unreasonable fears and illusory beliefs about the way the world is and about how we have to be to survive, to establish a partnership and to procreate the species*, these unreasonable fears and illusions may end up having such a powerful influence on our behaviour that they can frequently prevent us from creating what we truly desire.
I have come to believe that this process of passive absorption can be as important in determining our behaviour as our genetic inheritance. However, the good news here is that, although some of these passively absorbed beliefs and associated behaviour patterns can end up being so deeply internalised that we accept them as self, unlike our genetic inheritance, they can always be changed. So we do not have to live with them for ever!
In order to change them, you will need to see them and recognise them for what they are. To do this you will need to access what is really true for you, commit yourself to living by your own truth and then observe the results. Then you need to compare these results with the results of living according to any inherited beliefs. This means you first need to take the time to consistently seek inwards to what feels completely true and right for you. Then you need to allow that truth to flow naturally into expression in its own right way and its own right timing. Then you need to observe the results of living by listening to your true feelings with the results of living by what you have been taught to believe. From this you will be able to establish what works best for you (and by ‘works best’ I don’t necessarily mean what gets you the most status or approval from others! What I mean is finding what brings you the deepest fulfilment, what fills you with love and well-being and what gives you a feeling of being connected through love with all that exists. In other words, what brings you fully into alignment with the perfect reality of Creation.). If you consistently observe the results of living according to the directives of your inner being alongside the results of living according to your inherited outer directives, you will soon gather the evidence you need to disperse any inherited illusory beliefs that are currently interfering with the free flow of your own truth through your own life.

Once you have become completely confident in the knowing of what really works for you, then you can create a belief system for yourself that is compatible with your own experiences of what brings you contentment and fulfilment. Then it will be much easier to discern and separate out any inherited beliefs that are incompatible with your own personal experiences of what is true for you and put these acquired beliefs to one side. Then you will find that you do truly create all that you desire.

Since it can take quite a long time to sort through what is actually true for you and what may be inherited truth, it can be quite helpful to have some suggestions as to what you might be looking for. So what follows is a description of some of the most powerful and destructive of the inherited influences. These are the miasms.

* such as using the right knife and fork, accepting the same social/religious values, never showing any obvious differences from those around you, giving up your power to the man (if you are a woman or taking responsibility for the woman if you are a man.


Miasms – our emotional millstones
The word miasm was used by Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, to describe a type of clouding of the aura that appears to be handed down from one generation to another. It originally meant ‘an exhalation, (as of a swamp) formerly held to cause disease: a noxious vapour or infectious emanation’. It reminds me of the kind of mist that swirls up from dark, dank marshes in classic scary films like Hound of the Baskervilles!
Most of us are familiar with the fact that certain diseases like glandular fever and hepatitis can leave a residual lethargy and weakness long after the viruses causing the illness have disappeared from the physical body. This is a minor form of miasm. There are some illnesses which can produce such a deep seated and long lasting imprint on the affected individual that this imprint can end up being passed down through the generations. This imprint is clearly visible to those who can perceive subtle energies as a generalised clouding of the aura. This clouding comes and goes. When the person is fully expressing their own truth, they shine with their own clear inner light and this completely disperses all visible trace of the miasm. However, when the miasm has fully overwhelmed them, it will seem as if they are actually radiating grey cloud or even darkness. They will then be contributing their energy to that of the miasm, thus making things worse for both themselves and others.
The most important of these illnesses in Western society are tuberculosis (TB) and syphilis. Each of them generate miasms and each pass down through the generations. Both illnesses were extremely common before the development of antibiotics, so many of us will have inherited at least some miasmatic influence. These influences are harmful, as they interfere with both our physical and emotional well-being. Fortunately, they can be neutralised. Vibrational remedies (homoeopathic, flower and other essence remedies) are very useful in this regard but truly effective neutralisation means meeting and dissolving these mists with the pure light and warmth of known truth, which is the path I intend to present to you here.

TB Miasm
TB is the commonest miasm in this country. It is commonly associated with allergic manifestations such as excema, asthma and hay fever as well as with conditions such as migraine, diabetes and varicose veins. As would be expected, it is often connected with various conditions of the lung and it is common amongst smokers.

The underlying energy of this miasm is the belief that the desires of the soul can never be fulfilled within this material world. It is this belief that needs to be fully addressed in order to eliminate the physical manifestations of the miasm.

Energetically this miasm feels like a cold ground mist, the kind that you drive into from bright sunshine on a winter’s day as you descend into a hollow or a valley. The light from the sun is blotted out, the mist seems to cling and seep into you. Imagine what it would be like to spend your whole life in this dark, cold, insidious mist and never see the sunlight or a blue sky – then you will know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by this miasm.

When the miasm is completely overwhelming it feels as if everything you look at is covered in a grey grime. This is like the polar opposite of rose-tinted glasses; your vision of life is smeared with a dirty grey. Things that normally look beautiful seem dull and tacky. Things that normally excite you and arouse your enthusiasm seem distant and unappealing, as if the light has gone out of them. The good things that happened to you in your own past can seem worthless or as if they belong in another world that is nothing to do with you as you are now. It feels as if love and light has gone out of yourself and out of the world – or even that it never existed, that what you once thought meant something was simply an illusion and that this is and has always been the true reality of life. There is a deep inner weariness of life and continuing on within it can seem like drudgery. The body can feel so leaden that it involves a supreme effort to drag it from its inertia and doing so seems ultimately pointless as there is nothing to look forward to. They usually feel that they are completely unsupported in their search to fulfil their innermost dreams and there is often a deep underlying anger or resentment against material existence simply because it is perceived as resisting /frustrating the fulfilment of the desires of the soul.

It is hardly surprising that those who are fully under the influence of this miasm feel passive and hopeless. They often start off filled with longing for what they truly desire and believing the ‘if onlys’ – ‘if only I had this job, that house, won the lottery, had a different nose/willie, someone to love or someone to really love me or the opportunity to live in another country.’ Initially they have the enthusiasm to seek out what they desire but in the end, if those longings don’t materialise, the miasm seeps in and will eventually overwhelm them, leaving them feeling that it seems pointless to make any effort to do anything to change the situation because, in that period of overwhelm, they truly believe that what they are seeing is the truth about life and that anyone who believes anything else is simply deluded. They may even feel angry when someone tries to push or pull them out of their lethargy because, once they have come to this point of resignation, they do at least feel safe from further repetitions of the sadness and recurring disappointments that they have previously experienced when they made efforts to make their life the way they wanted it to be.

A child inherits the miasm from its mother. If she is periodically overwhelmed by it when she is pregnant, the child within her will be equally overwhelmed. If she believes herself to be unsupported in doing what she truly desires and that the material world frustrates the expression of her soul’s dreams, the unborn child gets this same impression of the world by seeing it through her eyes. If the mother is constantly in this state, the child may not even want to incarnate and may simply leave its body before being born. If it does incarnate, it will naturally fear this state in either itself or others because somewhere within this state is the longing to end it all by death. The TB miasm is anti life, anti joy in physical existence. The child who desires to live its life with the pure joy in being which is Spirit’s gift to all of us will have to fight off the influence of this miasm.

A physically healthy vigorous child will naturally react strongly against the influence of the miasm. It reacts to prevent itself from being overwhelmed. It reacts against the miasm by reacting against everything that arises out of the miasm. It will react against miasm generated parental attitudes that say “You can’t have what you want” because the spirit within it knows that it can have and experience whatever its heart truly desires in the material world. It has temper tantrums. It does what it wants anyway or it feels constantly angry about being frustrated. Excema is a manifestation of this frustration. Asthma is a manifestation of threatened miasmic overwhelm and the struggle of the soul to breathe out its own truth against the invading pressure.

A child may manage to gets its own way by fighting. This is good, as it neutralises the threatened overwhelm. However, the residue of this childhood success may be a belief that it always has to fight for everything that it wants. One day it will feel tired of fighting and then, when it stops, the miasm will flood back in. You cannot get rid of this miasm by fighting it, you can only keep it at bay. You can only get rid of it by knowing it for what it is –an illusion. When you can meet it with known truth, it will no longer have any power over you. Then you will be able to truly relax!

Many children do not feel able or willing to fight and others become reluctant to continue fighting when they find that they receive punishment for trying to stand up for what they want against parental resistance or jealous attack when they do succeed in creating something they desire. So they may then take up the other common pattern of defence from being overwhelmed by miasmic despair. This is to react to the presence of the miasm by retreating into fantasy. They accept the TB miasm reality as the everyday reality they have to live with and simply gear themselves to ‘shut up and put up’ with it but they retain their connection with Creation’s true reality through their imagination. The world of their soul’s dreams survives intact in their fantasies and is thus kept safe from invasion and contamination by the miasm’s vision of life. Ideally, as they grow older and become more self-sufficient, they will retrieve their dreams from the stronghold of their imagination and focus their energies into bringing those dreams into material form. Each time they succeed in doing this, the mist of the miasm will recede. However, each time they make an effort to actually to bring about something they desire there is a risk that, if they fail, they will relapse into believing they really can never have it and this will open the door for the miasm to seep inwards and maybe even to invade their dreams. If this happens often enough, they may even give up on their own soul’s true dreams and desires because it may seem less painful to resign themselves to the miasmic vision of life than to repeatedly endure the grief, sadness and frustration of disappointment. The end result of this resignation is often the development of life threatening diseases of the heart and lungs.

If you have inherited this miasm, you would do well to adhere to the maxim, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again!” Only make sure you do the ‘trying’ with pure love and warmth and the confidence that the transmission of your own inner being’s love and truth into your everyday life will generate the desired response from your own material reality. ‘Trying’ with anger, resentment, frustration and the expectation of having to fight for every inch of your path will not bring about the desired connection with Creation’s harmony, even though it may succeed in getting you some of the results you want! It is also important to make sure that you keep yourself throroughly and totally present and in your body. If you have had to preserve your dreams by keeping them in the mind space of fantasy whilst you were a child, it may be quite difficult for you to bring the dream out of the mind space and begin to put your heart into the process of making it become your reality. Bringing the dream forward into current reality may be particularly difficult foryou if you have had previous experiences that taught you to fear making your dreams real by radiating your inner light fully into whatever it is you desire. Things that children can learn to fear are jealousy, especiallly when it comes from close family members, separation from the group to which they currently belong and being alone. They may also have already gathered evidence from their own past experiences that someone who is happy and successful can make those who are not fulfilling their own dreams feel inadequate and diminished. No-one really wants to diminish others as the feminine side of each of us wants to support the soul's truth of every other being, so people quite frequently shut down their own light rather than risk exposing or upsetting someone they love. One common symptom of a tendency too keep your dreams in a fantasy reality is spending a lot of time talking about what you are planning to do rather than getting on with it! This can be quite marked in some marjihuana smokers who can seem to be living out all their dreams in a stoned haze and have immense difficulty bringing themselves to actually do anything to bring these dreams into form. There is always some kind of fear underlying this type of behaviour. Many people are deeply afraid of what they expect to happen when they really shine. (This is hardly surpising when you consider the way the media set out to pick to pieces and harrass anyone who is really successful!)

In order to be able to keep going in the presence of an apparently frustrating material reality, the most useful thing you can do for yourself is to change your beliefs about life. Remember, the TB miasm is simply a belief about life. To neutralise any pre-existing or well established belief you need evidence. To neutralise the T.B. miasm you need to know from the direct evidence of your own experience that all beings are supported by Creation to attain personal fulfilment within each life. It is within your own power to prove this for yourself with regard to your own life simply by making sure that you put love and truth into everything you do and observing the results. You can also gather evidence from your observations of others. Once you realise that you have free will to put truth or untruth into each of your own actions, you will be able to understand that others have the same option. Then, even if they are creating a miserable life and both believing and confirming the T.B. miasm’s reality, you will remain aware that although they are provided with everything they need to bring about their own fulfilment, they still have free will to do otherwise.
The TB miasm already has an immense amount of power. This is because it is constantly being fed by everyone who believes that they cannot fulfil the dreams of their souls. This belief floats out of them like smog. If you have inherited the miasm, when you encounter this belief in anyone else, it will start to stir up and resonate with the internalised belief you have inherited. Then you will have to either counter it or give way to it. If you give way to it, you will in turn contribute to stirring it up in others.

This resonance effect will be greatest when you are open to another person by your own love. This is why it is so easy for the miasm to pass from parent to child and why family members are so strongly affected by each other’s negative states.

In situations where the miasmic influence is very strong but a particular child decides to focus on his or her own soul’s dreams, that child will often need to leave home and sometimes even sever all connections with family members who have given way to the miasm. The same applies to loving relationships. Loving someone opens you to everything that they feel. Ideally you will discern when what they are feeling is truth and when it is not. Then you will open your heart with pure love for their truth and at the same time be able to meet their untruth with loving kindness. The loving kindness of pure compassion sees and knows when someone is currently overwhelmed by untruth whilst knowing that this is not what they really are and that it will eventually pass. It has the patience to wait and to stay steady in its own truth and maintain its own connection with Creation’s truth whilst it is waiting. However, if you have a strong desire to establish a connection with that person, you may be tempted to let yourself resonate with either the miasm or any other pattern of negative emotion when they allow it to overwhelm them. This applies particularly to those who have inherited the same miasm. It is then all too easy to fall into a familiar miasm-dominated pattern of behaviour. People may have to resort to breaking up a relationship, even though they do truly love the other person’s truth, simply because they find themselves unable to otherwise disentangle themselves from the resonant influence of the miasm’s reality. On the other hand, some people may find comfort in sharing a relationship with someone who has the same miasm. At least they can be comfortable together in their shared resignation! Company within a fog is a lot better than being on your own. Walking out of the fog is better yet. Better still is to shine sunshine even within the fog so that you are always surrounded by your own light, thus showing others that the fog can be dispersed by your own decision and commitment of will to be true to yourself.

As I have already explained, the key to escaping from a miasmic vision of reality is to gather evidence from your own experience that you can consistently create another reality by the expression of your own truth. Then you will be able to generate your own belief system which will sustain you through times of pressure by the beliefs of others. This means being willing to be 100% present and put your whole heart into doing what currently feels right and good to you. Dreaming and wishing and constructing your perfect reality in the spaces inside your head will not provide you with the evidence you need that you can bring about what you desire within the material world.

Unfortunately, the evidence from experience thing can also work against the truth. Evidence from experience can just as easily appear to confirm a previously acquired illusion. This is because once you start allowing your actions to be directed by a particular illusory belief, things usually tend to go wrong in a way that appears to confirm that illusory belief. Thus if you already hold a belief that you will be attacked or ostracised the moment you start radiating fulfilment and happiness, you will be holding that beleif as an expectation in front of you. This is like prefacing what you are about to say with, "You are not going to like this but...." the person you are speaking to is being set up to be in conflict with what you are saying before you have actuially said it! We do radiate our expectations in front of us and others will pick them up ven if we don't openly express them. It would be far better to preface your own right actions with a projected expectation that people will really appreciate the fact that you are putting pure love into your own truth and so making the world a better place for everyone. The more solidly you know that this is true, the less likely you are to be vulnerable to any negativity that other people may generate in response to your radiation of inner light.

Any beliefs that are inherited by passive absorption do not usually become really deeply ingrained until you have actual experiences that appear to confirm them. This apparent confirmation is easily acquired in early childhood. The reason for this is that once you passively accept a transmitted belief, you tend to also passively accept the behaviour patterns that go with it. Then, if you allow yourself to unquestioningly employ these inherited behaviour patterns to run your life, you will almost invariably generate experiences that appear to confirm the originally inherited belief! Thus, for example, you may have inherited the belief that everyone judges everyone else and that you are at risk of being cast out (and therefore potentially not surviving) if you happen to incite this judgement.. This could have been accompanied by various associated strategies ranging from complete conformity to total rebellion. The main inherited strategy could be to make sure you always conform precisely to the requirements of every situation in which you happen to find yourself or perhaps it may be a modified version of this which is to join with a group whose behaviour patterns that fit fairly well with the way you like to be and sticking within the confines of that group’s behaviour patterns. In either of these situations you will continue to fear judgement and be very likely to eventually incite it. The first strategy is worse because it forces you to direct your attention completely outwards, thinking only of how others want you to be. Even if you get really good at sensing what others want of you and can mimic it with skill, sooner or later you are bound to fail to be what someone else wants of you and will then attract their judgement and rejection. This will then feel particularly threatening because you have no sense of inner respect and self worth to fall back on. Those who choose the group situation will find that their sense of belonging and connectedness has become dependent on acceptance by the chosen group. They will then be afraid to access any aspect of your own creative expression that may differ from the accepted norms of that group. This is because such groups are always very defensive of their own positions and their security feels threatened by anything different, so they will be very quick to judge you if they do catch you expressing anything outside that norm. Those who take up the alternative path of being totally rebellious against traditional conformity will frequently judge everyone else as ‘boring sheep’ whilst making their own chosen way of being the only ‘right’ way to be. Because they are judging others, they will naturally attract defensive judgement in return. This just locks them into an attack/defence position where everyone seems to be judging everyone else.

In the first two situations, your own creative self expression is unlikely to find full and free expression so your life will never fulfil all your soul’s dreams and desires. Because you will be sad due to the separation from your dreams and the free flow of at least some aspects of your own truth, you may well end up feeling inwardly jealous of anyone who is freely expressing whatever feels right to him or herself. You may not want to acknowledge your jealousy (as it is likely to be socially/morally unacceptable!) so, instead, you may be inclined to judge that person for their free expression. If they sense your judgement, which they probably will, they may well judge you back in order to defend themselves. Thus you end up again receiving the judgement you were taught to expect! In the situation of rebellious opposition to all ‘norms’, you may feel reluctant to express ‘normal ‘ feelings, like love and nurturing, the desire to settle somewhere, to have a steady relationship. You may then end up judging yourself for having such feelings!

What each of us really needs to feel secure in the world is to know that simply being true to what we are is enough to bring us everything we desire. We need sufficient experiences of being our true selves to know that it feels good and fulfilling and brings about good results and good connections with others who are currently being true to themselves. Then judgements coming from outside ourselves will not feel so threatening or need to be so defended against. For this we need our own experiences of the results of being steadily true. Even if you have already collected many experiences that appear to confirm your inherited illusory beliefs, you can still completely neutralise these beliefs by collecting a sufficient number of experiences that directly contradict them.

If you are already affected by the T.B. miasm, the main problem you will face here is finding the motivation to get started on the process of collecting those experiences. If you approach life from deep within this miasm's illusory reality then you will probably believe that it is pointless to even try to bring about all that you desire, so you may not even bother to try. Instead you will simply do what you can to make the best of it, to live as comfortably as possible within it, preferably keeping company with others in the same boat. Because you don’t actually do anything to disprove the miasm, you never gather the necessary evidence that would enable you to resist its influence. You are more likely to inadvertently generate evidence to support it! So nothing changes. You become part of the fog. You may even resent people who seem to be unaffected by it, dismiss their light and joy as a product of ‘luck’ or even perceive their manifest happiness as clear evidence of their delusional state of mind!

If you allow the miasm to make you believe that you cannot possibly expect to truly enjoy life or be completely fulfilled within this material reality, and you follow the path of retreating your dreams to your imagination, you will never provide yourself with any evidence that you can fulfil your soul’s dreams because you are not putting your wholehearted energy into actually getting on with it! All your good feelings are going into your fantasies. So the miasm can have its way with your beliefs about the material world and continue to have an adverse influence on the way that you choose to go about your everyday life. But there is still hope! There are the gifts of Creation’s love and the gifts of inspiration. Everyone has the occasional experience of perfection that simply arrives in their life, unasked for and unexpected. These experiences will show you how things really are, give you a vision of Creation’s true reality. You need to hold onto these experiences as the foundation of your collection of evidence that the reality you habitually live with may not be the only reality that can exist. Then there is Nature, always transmitting the pure love and light of Creation’s reality. Then there are those who have put their hearts into their own soul’s dreams and desires and committed to bringing them into material form. These people radiate light. They are like the sunshine that melts the ground mist. They are everywhere. All you need to do is look and take inspiration. Then decide whether you want to keep generating the smog that feeds this illusion or be one of those who radiate the light, warmth and joy in being that dissolves it.

If you really want to find out the truth about life for yourself, you need to keep an open mind to the possibility that those who clearly believe that life is good and filled with wonders, delights and pleasures may be right. They may not. The miasm may be right but the miasm doesn’t fit all the evidence. Some people are truly happy and do manage to fulfil their soul’s dreams and desires. The miasm would have us believe that this is impossible.

Obviously you can’t simply force yourself suddenly completely believe something that seems to go against the majority of your previous experiences. However, you could reasonably consider the possibility that all your previous experiences may have been a product of what you believed. If you let yourself consider this possibility, then you could go about scientifically testing it out.

Gathering Evidence
The scientific approach to the discovery of the true nature of reality would be to thoroughly examine all the existing evidence with an open mind. To consider the hypothesis that maybe life does offer you all you desire and that each individual’s personal heaven is available within this material reality, you need to look carefully at the facts of what already exists. Look at those who are truly happy, successful and fulfilled and see what they have in common. You are likely to find that it is a commitment to follow their own hearts, to put their energy wholeheartedly into whatever it is they truly desire, to trust their own feelings and be true to what feels right and good within themselves. You will see that they all radiate light. This is the light of their inner being. This is the light that has the power to dissolve the miasms. Then look at those who are miserable and radiate darkness, despair and resentment. See what they believe and the patterns they use to engage with life. See if you can learn to recognise the symptoms of the miasm such as apathy, resignation, resentment, grief, longing and despair. Watch how many of those who are clearly affected by it will try to drag others into their reality or state of mind and how they will often cast a pall of negativity over things that are truly good and beautiful or be dismissive of things that turn out really well on the grounds that it was ‘just luck’ or even simply the up that goes before an inevitable ensuing down! Observe yourself and how you can shift and be shifted from one state of being to another by the presence of light or darkness in others and your environment. TB miasm is always worse in cities and ‘concrete jungles’ and generally relieved by the beauty of nature, especially vast expanses of nature. Being on a mountain or other high land where there is a wide view of a natural landscape also frequently reduces its influence.

Once you have made your preliminary observations of others and yourself, you will need to start collecting evidence from your own experiences with the specific intent of proving or disproving your hypothesis. You could start by looking back at the times when your life has gone really well and examine what each of these occasions has in common. You will need to consider the feelings you had at the time as well as your own actions. You also need to observe what you were actually believing about life at these times. Observe the quality of your own desires, whether they filled you with inner light and pleasure or whether you simply decided on a particular course of action by the use of reason and logic ….or, even worse, in response to the pressures of others. You need to observe the degree of your commitment to go forward with a powerful inner desire and whether or not you put your whole heart into it. You need to consider what it was in your own self-expression that brought you the deepest sense of fulfilment.

In addition to examining the good times, you also need to also consider the bad. You need to examine the evidence to find what types of attitude and behaviour have contributed to produce an unsatisfactory outcome. See what you were putting into situations that turned out really badly, leaving you with feelings of waste, disappointment, inner frustration and a draining of your energy. It is also worth looking at what happened when you did something that seemed like a logically good plan even though you didn’t have a particularly strong heart’s desire to do it. Pay particular attention to what happened whenever you let pressure from those around you make you do something that went against your own true feelings of inner rightness. Remember that it is the disappointment and weariness that floods over you in the aftermath of these actions that makes you become most vulnerable to overwhelm by the TB miasm.

Once you have gathered some preliminary evidence from your own past experiences you can then go about deliberately testing out the way life works by watching yourself carefully during your everyday life. Observe what is motivating your choice of actions and what type of motivation and attitude makes things work best for you and what type of motivations and attitudes make things go wrong. Check out what energy you were putting into situations that went well and what beliefs you were holding at the time. Examine the type of energy you were transmitting into situations that went badly as well as the nature of the beliefs you were being affected by. As you collect evidence from the results of these experiences, collate this evidence with all the evidence you already have from your own past.. Lay out your evidence and see what it is telling you.

The TB miasm believes that you cannot create what your inner being desires in the material world. To neutralise this miasm you need to come to the realisation that that the material world responds well to anyone putting their own life force into their own true heart’s desires and that you can readily and easily bring about those things your inner being desires providing you let your soul’s truth flow freely, consistently and directly into expression. It is really important to understand the implications of this proviso. ‘Heaven’ or ‘ Bhuddaland’ is available to everyone but it does not necessarily simply arrive on a plate! You need to contribute something of yourself towards it. Much is already given but we need to also give of what we really are, give out the light and love of inner truth.

Since it is much easier to put your soul’s truth into doing something that you really enjoy doing, the best way to start facilitating the required flow of your own truth into your own life is to put your whole heart into consistently doing those things that feel inwardly good and right to you. Do these things in whatever way that gives the greatest pleasure to your inner being and make sure that you follow your own natural timing. You will notice that when you do this you feel fulfilled. Fulfilment is a clear indication that whatever you are expressing comes direct from the soul within you. You will also notice that whenever your own truth is flowing freely through you, the world around you seems full of light. This light is always there. It’s just a lot easier to see when you are radiating your own light and virtually impossible to see when you retreat your truth into a deep inner cave.

Whenever you make the choice to retreat from negativity rather than staying steady and meeting it with known truth, you will find that, as you make your retreat, the miasm’s invading negativity follows you inwards and fills out the space around you which could have been filled by the light and love of your own truth. So the miasm’s negativity becomes all that you can see when you look outwards.This negativity then becomes your own current vision of life. It is not a true vision of life as it dissolves away the moment you start flowing your own truth into that space. Nevertheless, it can feel real enough when it is all that you can see!

Once you have undertaken enough right actions to know what your own truth feels like when it is flowing freely through you, then you can try going into situations that may not be what you would have chosen and see if you can still hold your truth steady in these situations. This may not be easy for you but if you do manage to hold steady in your truth, you will find that good things will still continue to happen to you. This provides evidence that it is actually the flow of your own truth/love into situations that makes them work out well, not just that you happen to find yourself in a situation that supports your truth.

Once you have collected enough evidence that it is your own state of mind and your own approach to life that decides whether things work out or not, then you will feel safe within this world. You will know that it is within your power to choose whether you will be happy or sad by choosing what you do and above all, what you radiate into life. Then you will be able to live within the reality that reflects the dreams of your soul. This reality has always existed but it can be hard to see if you are looking through a miasm’s darkly tinted glasses!

Meeting the illusion
Once you have realised that certain feelings and perspectives on life are not fixed and absolute but can be altered by your own decision to put your whole heart into following what feels inwardly right to yourself, you will be able to begin to discern the influence of the miasms and see each of them as a product of particular illusions. Ideally, whenever you come across the miasms (and any other illusory beliefs that you may have acquired about life) you need to meet them directly with the full knowing that they are only illusions. Then do whatever you can to present them with what you have found to be true from within your own experience. This willingness to share what you know to be true for you provides a powerful defence against invasion by the miasms or any other inherited illusory belief. You don’t have to confront them with, “You are wrong”. All you need is to communicate, “Within my own personal experience, this has shown itself repeatedly to be true for me. “
Meeting a miasm directly in this way can sometimes seem a bit daunting because the TB miasm does have a lot of power within our culture. Maybe you feel that you are just one and the miasm is influencing so many their numbers can make it feel like a tsunami! Millions of people believe that life can never fulfil their dreams, millions believe that happiness is only really attainable in another reality (Heaven etc.) or if something good happens to them that is fundamentally outside their control (like winning the lottery). But large numbers of believers don’t necessarily indicate the presence of truth. Sometimes one person can see a truth that no-one else has yet seen – like the fact that the earth goes round the sun! What matters is that you know what is true for you and what is not and that you are sure of it because you have already sorted out for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t by carefully examining the evidence of your own experience.Just remember that the strength of the miasm is based on the numbers who believe it and the evidence the miasm uses to draw all these people into itself is actually being provided by all those who already believe in it! This is a self generating lopp and it cannot affect you once you learn to stand outside it and see it for what it is,

I find it can be very helpful to look at the aura round negative people. If you are not aware of being able to consciously see auras, just close your eyes and imagine what they wold look like if you were to draw the energy fields around them in colour and light. Then imagine the energy fields around happy open individuals who are creating what they desire. Someone who is deep in the fixed reality of this miasm seems to me to be swathed around with semi-transclucent gray bandages. They seem unable to see out. They meet you with the solidity of their own beliefs and seem unable to grasp any other way of seeing the world.

Whenever you come across anyone who is locked tight in a fixed reality it is best not to try to persuade them to listen to you. They will often wrap themselves even tighter into their world. The best thing you can do is carry on radiating light into your own life and trust that one day they will notice that there is another way to be. One day they will notice. Meanwhile you will be wasting your own energy by trying to force them to see things your way. You will also be putting yourself heavily at risk of being drawn in to their reality in an effort to understand where they are coming from. There is no need to understand the details of an illusory reality. The important thing is to be able to recognise that it is an illusory reality by the way it looks and feels. Then put your energy and attention into creating something good in the trust that the light that you and others generate by fulfilling your own dreams will eventually stimulate those who are locked into this miasm to open themselves to other options. It may help to remember one of Aesop's fables about the wind and the sun having a comopetition to see who was the most powerful. They decide to see which of them can get a man's coat off. The wind goes first and blows like mad but the man just huddles up and wraps his coat tightly round himself. Then it is the turn of the sun who simply shines away warmly until the man takes off his own coat.

If you proceed through life carefully observing the facts for yourself, it will soon become clear to you that the TB miasm’s vision of life is not an accurate reflection of the real truth of Creation – that it is actually diametrically opposed to it! Ideally, you will eventually be able, if need be, to stand steady in the presence of a tidal wave of this miasm’s energy and know that it will pass, like all illusion and that you can be like a rock, firmly rooted in the ground and unaffected by its passing. This type of secure strength of conviction takes time and direct experience to accumulate. Meanwhile, the first step towards meeting this miasm with a clear knowledge of its illusory nature is to recognise its presence and activity within yourself and learn to detach yourself from it, to see it as something coming from outside yourself that is affecting you rather than something that is intrinsic to yourself.

If what I have already said about this miasm sounds familiar to you and you do recognise the periodic (or even constant!) presence of this miasm within yourself, it helps to be really conscious of what it feels like and how its influence affects your behaviour. Observe yourself when the miasm is thick. Observe your body posture, your attitudes, your energy levels, the way you feel when you get out of bed - or the difficulty you experience in getting out of bed! Observe what happens to your dreams and desires, see how they retreat inwards and how any effort to bring them out of a head space and into reality can seem pointless (or even scary!). Take note of the particular triggers that tip you over into the miasm’s world and the attitudes and beliefs of the people who trigger you. Catch yourself doing the TB miasm special, “If onlys” and see what you dream of with longing and sadness and an aching heart. Watch the way you start longing for something outside yourself to make your life right and see how, when you are under the miasmic influence, you never think to look in to your own truth, your own love and your own pleasure in being and use them to bring about what you desire. Compare all this with the way you feel when you are truly happy and enjoying your life. Identify this latter way of being as the true you.

The next task is to increase the separation between the true you and the miasmic persona. For this you need to commit yourself to a clear and dispassionate observing of yourself and others. Whenever you notice the presence of the miasm in yourself, do whatever you can to shift yourself out of its dull grey world into the brightly shining world of Creation’s true reality. Collect scenes from your own life which remind you of how wonderful life can be and clarify what it was you were contributing to those occasions, what was your attitude to life and what was the posture your body would most naturally take up on these occasions. Then, whenever you start to feel influenced by the miasm, do your best to take yourself back to that same state of mind and body posture and radiate that same energy. I find that a simple change of body posture is really useful. The true you will have a straight spine and an open chest and heart. Most TB miasm personae are stooped or at least have a bent head. (They are ‘shouldering’ the burden of life’s miseries and disappointments!)
It’s better to fake the way you would really like to be feeling in an effort to bring it about rather than to give way to the miasm!

Sometimes it can help to give a name to this miasm generated behaviour. Treat it as a persona and name it according to its predominant characteristics – such as Lethargic Lucy, Miserable Mary, Dream-on Danny, Sorrowful Sam. This naming will separate it from your true self. Seeing it as amusing will separate it even further. You could try caricaturing it and deliberately playing out its drama. Then stop and switch to your own truth. The more readily you can make this switch when you are playing or practising, the easier it will be to make it when your triggers have got to you.

I asked one group what they would do to get themselves out of a TB miasm total overwhelm. One lady said she would first walk the dog in the woods and that would get her in a better mood. Then she would think of something nice to do and get on with doing it. Another had collected snippets of TV programs she really enjoyed so she would play this video to herself. (Since then I have started collecting a similar video of people who radiate pure light, like Agneys Deyn and Jonny Wilkinson.) Someone else, who knew her own truth really well, said that when she was faced with ‘having’ to do something she really didn’t want to do, this used to tip her straight into the miasm, so she would do the thing with her body but give nothing of herself into it and be bitter and resentful. However, she said that now she just does the thing with an open heart and gives the very best energy she can muster into the situation. She told us that she has found that good things always happen to her when she does this.

There are hundreds of things you could do. The important thing is to recognise the presence of the miasm and then do something to separate from it. You could try my favourite strategy. When I find myself totally overwhelmed by any kind of negativity I tell myself out loud, “This feels like shit therefore it is an illusion”. By saying it out loud I am choosing to use my body to express my true self. This is the same principle as changing your body posture or doing something you physically enjoy doing. The message you are communicating to the miasm and its associated personae is that you are committed to using your physical body to express your own truth and thereby preventing it from being used by the miasm to transmit its illusory reality.

The presence of light is so important in dispersing the TB miasm that you might like to try visualising light. You can visualise whatever kind of light you most enjoy – the light from a clear blue sky, the golden light of evening, light through new leaves in spring, light off the snow, reflected from tree bark or water or passed through the pink glory of cherry blossom. You could choose light through stained glass or light from a candle or you could contemplate another being who radiates light. Imagine yourself in the presence of this light and then breathe it into you and right through you until you fill yourself up with it. With each outbreath, breathe out any darkness or confusion within yourself and let the incoming light replace it.

When you have finished clearing the darkness and feel full of light, allow yourself to consider what you most want to do next and start pouring light from yourself into the idea of doing it until it too radiates light. Then proceed with the physical actions that feel appropriate to you and allow Creation to do the rest. You will find that things flow far more easily after doing this preliminary preparation.

Use of anger to remove the influence of the miasm
Although the ideal way to disperse the miasm is to start flowing your life force into what you currently most desire to do, this sometimes proves difficult if any of your major triggers are currently actively present. In this situation you may initially need to find some other way to begin distancing yourself from the influence of the miasm. Going away into a clear space is a good plan, especially into a place of beauty or, even better, to a country or place that is relatively free of this particular miasm (i.e. not Ireland and not Glasgow!). If this is not possible you may need to use anger as a preliminary method of distancing yourself from whatever is triggering you.

Anger is a very useful tool and an important part of our natural defence system and can be used to good effect against any of the inherited influences. However, it does need to be used with considerable caution and respect. So before considering how to use anger effectively to remove or reduce the influences of the miasms, I would like to explain something of the way anger naturally works.

The fundamental purpose of anger is to support truth by pushing away anything that obstructs or threatens to obstruct the free flow of truth. Thus if someone were to try to foist their own opinions onto you or manipulate you into doing something against your own sense of inner rightness, it would be entirely appropriate to express whatever degree of anger was needed to make them desist. However, if you don’t use anger appropriately in the moment that it naturally rises up within you and the invasion or manipulation goes ahead, the anger will sit inside you, stockpiling itself for future use.

Using more anger than that which is precisely appropriate to the situation at hand would be disrespectful and would therefore end up having negative consequences to yourself and, possibly, to others if they allow your disrespect to affect them. Unfortunately, if you have already accumulated a stockpile of unexpressed anger in relation to certain types of situations, you may be in danger of releasing an inappropriate amount of this anger into any similar situations. This is why you need to be so careful in your utilisation of anger.
Any situation involving miasmic influence is likely to already have involved the creation of a stockpile of old unexpressed anger. The T.B. miasm itself frequently interferes with the free flow of truth and other people who are also affected by this miasm may generate additional interference. These influences are likely to have affected you since early childhood so, unless you were successful with the temper tantrum strategy, you may well have allowed them to interfere with your own truth’s natural flow. Any interference with the free flow of truth/love will inevitably also interfere with the creating of the life you desire. Your inner awareness of the discrepancies between the life you desire and the life you are actually having will generate pain and sadness within you. Anything that causes you pain will make you feel angry, unless you yourself accept that pain as entirely inevitable (e.g. the pain caused by the extraction of an already painful tooth).

If you accept the miasmic vision of life as absolute truth, you may feel pain within your life but you may not really feel justified in being angry, since if that’s how life is, then that’s how it is and you will probably (and sensibly) devote most of your energy to trying to make the best of it. This approach leads to passive acceptance of the miasmic reality with the accompanying resignation, hopelessness and despair which are some of the worst consequences of this miasm. However, if you have retained at least some connection with your inner knowing that life is supposed to be wonderful and fulfilling, even if you do feel helpless to change anything, you may nevertheless react to your own pain by feeling angry. Whenever you generate anger in response to pain, the anger is generally directed towards whomever you believe to be responsible for or contributing to your suffering. This could be your gods or your government or it could be your family, your neighbours, the alignment of the planets or the mess in the kitchen. Although the true cause of your pain may well be a side effect of the influence of a miasm, you may not discern this. So, instead of directing your anger towards the true cause of your suffering, which is the T B miasm, you may easily end up feeling angry with people who are carrying that same miasm. Unfortunately these are often your closest relatives, as these are the ones who are most likely to be carrying the patterns of action and belief that have contributed to your problems. This creates a lot of internal conflict when it comes to expressing any anger that has accumulated as a result of the miasmic influence.

The more deeply an untruth has invaded and the more damage it has done to your life, the greater the amount of internal anger you will have accumulated against it. However, whilst you continue to accept the miasmic beliefs and let yourself live by them, the anger generally lies dormant. You can’t exactly justify using anger against someone who is expressing beliefs you also hold to be true! Nevertheless, once you do begin to realise that you have been deceived, you will naturally start to become angry – or even enraged! You may have the insight and the grace to be directly angry with the miasm within yourself, to take full responsibility for having allowed it to influence your life and just get on with shifting it out of your system so that you can live the life of your own soul’s dreams and desires. This would be a right and appropriate use of the anger.

. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that once people do start to feel (rightly) angry with the influence of the miasm, the anger frequently gets (wrongly) directed to other people with the miasm, especially those who have been a direct influence on their absorption of it or those who trigger them into a resonance with it by manifesting it within their own lives. Thus you may end up being angry with your parents, siblings or children or being angry with anyone around you who is clearly under the influence of the miasm, especially if their miasmic emanations seem to be having a powerful effect on your life.
In many situations this anger is likely to have been suppressed (e.g. if you find yourself blaming your children for the frustration in your self expression) and to have therefore stockpiled. The fear of an inappropriate discharge of this suppressed anger will make it even more difficult for you to express it.

Thus instead of being a useful tool to resist any interference with the free flow of your truth, the awareness of the presence of the anger within you becomes an additional inhibitory influence.

If we don’t understand that it is the miasm that causes the problems rather than the people who are transmitting it, or if we perceive those we love as inextricably entangled with the miasm, we may choose to stay entangled with it ourselves rather than use that anger against them. We may not even allow ourselves to be aware of that anger, let alone feel able to use it for its right purpose, which is to push away the causes of our pain.
Unfortunately, the tendency to feel angry with people who have the miasm rather than be angry with the miasm itself can sometimes reinforce the influence of the miasm. Someone who is fundamentally committed to being loving and respectful to others may seek to completely block their own natural anger rather than risk discharging it over someone they also love. It’s really difficult to feel loads of pain and anger and simply hold it back, so these individuals may choose to block out the anger altogether by simply accepting the miasmic vision of life. After all, if suffering, frustration and disappointment are inevitable aspects of material existence, then there is no point being angry about them. If someone has chosen this path to avoid anger, they may be reluctant to even consider that life could be good and completely fulfilling and thus become strong contributors to the miasmic energy.

Anger is an extremely valuable part of our immune response and we risk compromising our purpose in being here if we completely suppress it. This is why it is so helpful to be able to clearly discern the influence of the miasm and to see it as separate from ourselves, as something that basically comes from outside ourselves rather than something that is actually part of our intrinsic nature. Then you can allow yourself to be angry with the miasm itself and use your anger constructively, for its right purpose, which is to distance yourself from its inimical influence rather than feeling the need to be angry with those who are bringing that influence into your life.

You may find it helpful to regard the miasmic illusion as our common enemy. Someone who is affected by it is not the enemy, any more than anyone with German measles is the enemy to a pregnant woman. It is the measles virus itself that is the enemy, not its current carrier, so that is where the immune response of anger should be directing its attention.

Discharging any amounts of old and current anger at the T.B. miasm itself is absolutely fine! I call this ‘illusion bashing’ or ‘blasting holes in the illusion’! What you don’t want to be doing is blasting holes in someone else who happens to be affected by the illusion who is then having a negative effect on you as a result. If you feel really frustrated or hurt or angry and realise that this is because you have allowed this (or any other illusion) to have a grip on your life, you can feel free to express all your accumulated negativity by yelling at the illusion itself. You can shout, rail and swear at a miasm as much as you like! You can draw a picture of it and stamp on it, make a model of it and throw it in the darkest pit, pretend it is inside a punch bag and batter it to a pulp! No-one is going to be harmed by this and it will help you to keep it at a distance. Once you have learned to recognise it, you can vent all your accumulated frustrations upon it until you feel clean and empty inside. Then just get on with doing whatever it is in your heart to do and put your whole soul into it. This will prevent the miasm from seeping back into your life.

Discerning the influence of the miasm
Once you have learned to separate the miasm from the people who are affected by it and accepted that it is alright to use anger against the illusion itself, then you will be able to make better use of the natural warning signals of anger or irritation. These signals are generally telling you that something is harming you by interfering with the expression of your soul’s truth. Irritation is particularly useful as a warning against TB miasm. Irritation is like the body’s inflammatory response and anyone who has had a BCG immunisation will know how strong the inflammatory response to tuberculosis can be. You need to trust your own irritation and follow it to source in order to discover its fundamental cause, which will often be one of the inherited illusions. Sometimes you can end up following a long and complicated trail before you get a grip on the underlying illusion.

For example, I still have a tendency to feel intensely irritated by people who present themselves as victims. I have examined the reasons for this quite carefully and have found that at least part of the cause of this irritation lies in my own miasmic inheritance. I already knew that my paternal grandfather had died of tuberculosis shortly after my father’s birth, so I expected to find the miasm somewhere within myself but it was not immediately obvious where it was affecting me within this particular situation . I now see that although my father and mother were both very successful in their chosen professions, they were both strongly influenced by the TB miasm as both of them believed that many people in the world could never be happy or fulfilled. They did everything they could to help those who were suffering but the principle they were operating from was that they were ‘fortunate’ and that they should therefore give as much time and energy as they could to assist the less ‘fortunate’. As a result of this I absorbed the belief that the needs of others should always take priority over doing what gave me pleasure and personal fulfilment. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy helping others when it felt right from inside myself, I just didn’t want to be doing it all the time. Nevertheless, I accepted my parents’ beliefs and did do a lot to try to help others, frequently putting aside my own true desires to do so. This meant that I was not generating as much true fulfilment as I would have done had I completely trusted my own inner feelings. This naturally made me feel sad, but I tried compensating for the sadness by telling myself I was ‘doing good’ or ‘being a nice person’. Because I accepted my parents’ beliefs that some people really were genuinely incapable of generating their own happiness and fulfilment, I did not initially feel any anger, though I did sometimes feel really reluctant to do yet another thing for someone who was suffering at those times when there was something else I would much prefer to be doing.

After a while I began to notice that I felt irritated by certain people and instinctively tried to avoid them. They usually wanted me to spend time listening to them moaning about what was wrong and I would get really angry when they appeared to derive no benefit from what I did for them and paid no attention to what I thought were helpful suggestions! I eventually realised that these people usually had TB miasm. They didn’t believe that they could really have what they wanted in life so they weren’t really prepared to do anything towards getting it. Instead they put energy into getting the attention of others to comfort them in their miserable state. Naturally they would pick on someone who seemed to be doing okay. At the time I had not yet realised that it was the putting of my own love into what felt right to me that made my life work and that this same type of approach would work for anyone. I still accepted my parents’ miasm driven belief that some people were intrinsically incapable of having a fulfilling life and that there was nothing there to support them. So I felt obligated to give them my time, energy and attention. The problem for me was that anyone with this type of committed victim persona would never benefit from whatever help I did offer them. This meant that any time and energy they induced me to give them was completely wasted, which naturally made me feel hopeless and useless. Then the resulting sense of waste, pointlessness and helplessness would make me vulnerable to the expansion of the inherited TB miasm within myself.

I soon realised that I periodically did the exact same thing and that I did it when I was in TB miasm mode. I noticed that whenever I became overwhelmed by the maism’s belief that nothing I did was going to make any difference to a particular situation, there seemed to me to be no point in trying and therefore no point in really listening to anyone else’s suggestions! So I eventually understood what was going on when people would complain but not do anything about their problems. They were so deeply affected by the miasm and so overwhelmed by the belief that nothing they did was going to bring about what they truly desired that they didn’t think there was any point in doing anything at all for themselves. Instead they were grasping the straw of trying to find someone else to take care of their problems.

The only sensible answer to this dynamic was to cut the miasm; to cut it dead when it surfaced in myself and to refuse to be affected by it when it surfaced in others. This was easy enough when someone I didn’t know simply presented themselves to me from within the miasm. It proved to be very difficult when I encountered the miasm in people I already knew whose truth I had already seen and loved. It was then that I realised that I was going to have to learn to see their truth separately from the miasm. Then I could use my natural irritation with the miasm to push away any miasm directed behaviour or attitudes coming from them whilst still at the same time loving/supporting their truth. It soon became clear that I could not do this very effectively until I had completely eliminated the miasmatic influence from myself. So again, it came back to the usual solution which is to clear the self of untruth and illusion by flowing truth through the whole of your own being so that you can see clearly. Then you can meet the miasm in both yourself and others with a clear and steady knowing that it is only an illusion and that there is another reality available to anyone who cares to shift themselves into it by putting their love into what feels completely true to themselves.

Once you have managed to completely separate yourself from the influences of the miasms, then you will feel only compassion for those who are still affected by them and a desire to help them to free themselves from those negative illusions.

Dealing with the TB miasm is quite a challenge so don’t be hard on yourself if you periodically get overwhelmed by it. Just congratulate yourself on your successes so far. Be grateful for the good times and committed to increasing their frequency. You don’t have to actually be perfect to neutralise the TB miasm but you do need to know that perfection is both possible and available in the material world and that you already have within you everything you need to bring about that perfection within your own life.

So be compassionate towards yourself and others when the miasm has you in its grip but never allow yourself to believe that you are powerless or that you have no choice.
It is infinitely easier to have compassion for untruth and illusion when you are happy with your own life! Meanwhile it is at least somewhat easier if you know that you have the potential to be completely happy within this life, even if it is obvious that the attainment of this happiness is going to take time and commitment.

To finish this article here is a lovely piece of writing from Goethe that explains very poetically how to neutralise the TB miasm and reconnect yourself with Creation’s amazing reality.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy. The chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.
Concerning all acts of initiative and ‘creation’ there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have otherwise occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now.”

Completed July 2008 Dr Helen Ford See wwwdrhelenford.co.uk


Articles on Gonorrhoea and Syphylitic miasms to follow – eventually!

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